About us

We are an independent bookstore dedicated for more than 15 years to offering everyone a wide selection of titles.

Our activity is always linked to the book. We give advice to parents, teachers and readers in general. We sell directly in our establishment, on our website and in various marketplaces. We organize writing courses, reading clubs, storytelling and other activities to promote reading.


Most of the readers who come to Luces are from Málaga or its province, and from their visits they highlight the personal attention received.


We are an Independent Bookstore which means we pledge only to our readers. Our only goal is the book. We believe that growing not always implies becoming better, and that in order to have a future not always do you need to grow. There are books today, and we are certain that in the future they shall also be there. The book is a vehicle of culture and entertainment where anything fits, and every day we are more convinced that it is one of the greatest remedies against social diseases: it fights ignorance, it helps with depression, it improves our perception of reality, it stimulates imagination and can make us better people. Our desire is to keep it that way: that its value is above its price.


Many years ago we decided to eliminate plastic bags and incorporate biodegradable ones, even though the cost for Librería Luces was higher. With this decision we saved to future generations hundreds of thousands of bags impossible to recycle, as a modest contribution to make this world a little better.

That is our commitment.

You can learn more about us and the events we organise visiting our Facebook page.


Librería Luces
Open from Monday to Saturday, from 10h00 to 21h00.